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Refrigerator Repair Services in Pune

Refrigerators are essential appliances in every household, preserving food and maintaining freshness. When they malfunction, they disrupt daily routines and can lead to significant inconvenience. At Tokiso Enterprises, we specialize in expert refrigerator repair in Pune, swiftly and efficiently ensuring your appliance returns to optimal performance.

Types of Refrigerators We Repair

Refrigerators come in various types, each with unique features and repair requirements. At Tokiso Enterprises, we are equipped to handle all types of fridges, including:

Single-Door Refrigerators

Single-door refrigerators are compact and efficient, a common choice for small families and bachelors. We provide repair services for cooling and defrosting problems, among other issues.

Double-Door Refrigerators

Double-door refrigerators have separate freezer and fridge compartments and are popular in larger households. Our technicians are adept at resolving problems such as temperature inconsistencies and faulty thermostats.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

These refrigerators have large storage spaces and advanced features. We service side-by-side models, addressing issues like compressor failures and electronic malfunctions.

French Door Refrigerators

French-door refrigerators, known for their sleek design and modern features, require specialized care. We handle repairs for complex components, ensuring your fridge maintains its performance.

Compact Mini Fridge

Ideal for offices, dorm rooms, and small spaces, compact refrigerators need precise repairs due to their size and design. Our team ensures your mini fridge operates efficiently.

Complete Fridge Repair Services in Pune​

At Tokiso Enterprises, we offer complete services to meet all your needs for a refrigerator. Whether you have bought a new fridge and want installation or already have one, it needs professional maintenance. Our services include:

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Refrigerator Repair in Pune​

Installation Services

Proper fridge installation and power setup are crucial for optimal functioning. Our experts ensure your appliance is set up correctly, considering factors like ventilation, leveling, and electrical connections. We provide refrigerator installation services in pune for all types of fridges, ensuring they operate efficiently.

Repair Services

When your refrigerator encounters issues, our expert technicians are ready to find out and fix the problem. Our fridge repair services solve all issues, including:

  • Cooling Problems: We resolve issues related to insufficient cooling, ensuring your food stays fresh.
  • Leaking Water: Our experts fix leaks, preventing water damage to your home.
  • Noisy Operation: We address unusual noises, restoring peace to your kitchen.
  • Faulty Thermostats: Accurate temperature control is essential to avaoid freezing problems, and we repair or replace faulty thermostats.
  • Compressor Issues: Your refrigerator’s compressor is its heart, and we precisely handle its repair or replacement.

Refrigerator Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your refrigerator and prevents costly repairs. Our maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning Coils and Condensers: Dust and debris can affect performance. We clean these components for optimal efficiency.
  • Checking Refrigerant Levels: Proper refrigerant levels are crucial for cooling. We ensure your fridge has the right amount.
  • Inspecting Door Seals: Damaged seals can lead to energy loss. We inspect and replace them if necessary.
  • Overall Performance Check: Our comprehensive check ensures every part of your refrigerator functions correctly.

Who We Serve For

Tokiso Enterprises is dedicated to serving a diverse clientele in Pune. Our services cater to

Residential Customers

Homeowners rely on us for prompt and reliable refrigerator repair services. We aim to make a fully working refrigerator that serves your household routines and ensures food safety.

Commercial Establishments

Restaurants, cafes, and other commercial establishments depend on efficient refrigerators to keep their operations running smoothly. We provide customized fridge repair and maintenance services for commercial refrigerators, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service.

Office Spaces

Office pantries and break rooms often feature compact refrigerators. We also provide repair and maintenance to ensure your office refrigerator works efficiently, contributing to a comfortable work environment

Contact Us for Expert Refrigerator Repair in Pune

Don’t wait for the problem to escalate if your refrigerator has issues. Our dedicated team is ready to help you with fridge repair and maintenance services. 

Contact Us for Expert Refrigerator Repair in Pune​

Don't wait for the problem to escalate if your refrigerator has issues. Our dedicated team is ready to help you with fridge repair and maintenance services. 

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Very professional technician team by Tokiso. They repaired my fridge within an hour.

Jiyaul Ansari Customer

On-time fridge repair service. Very happy with their response. Definitely would recommend them to friends and family.

Khushi Kaushik Customer

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Nice service with reasonable price.
Service: Refrigerator/freezer repair


Refrigerator was not working correctly...Technician from Tokiso arrived on time and took care of the situation, They were courteous and knowledgeable of the problem. Refrigerator is working perfectly.

Apurva Dhepe Customer

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
Very professional technical team by tokiso. They repair my fridge within an hour.
Service: Refrigerator/freezer repair

Jiyaul Ansari Customer
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